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HLC Sales Rep Mike Miguelez Named “Rep of the Year”  And Receives Parry Design Award

The HLC Family of Companies named sales representative Mike Miguelez the recipient of the prestigious J.M. Wells Jr. sales representative of the year award, which the company positions as “Rep of the Year.” The honor was announced at the 2017 National Restaurant Association show. At the same event, Miguelez was also honored as the recipient of the company’s Parry Design Award. “Rep of Year is truly an honor but is not a singular achievement for any Rep,” said Mike Miguelez.“It is a team effort on the part of the local Rep, the regional sales manager, HLC customer service, the custom design team, and the factory. As a dedicated Rep, I am just trying to “move the needle forward” to gain marketshare in a very competitive and high profile tabletop marketplace.”

Mike Miguelez is the president and owner of One Source Hospitality and is the Homer Laughlin representative in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia markets. Propelling him to Rep of the Year status was a stellar sales trajectory, up 22% with Homer and 12% with Hall, for an aggregate sales increase of 20% overall for the HLC family of products. Helping to fuel this increase, Miguelez oversaw 16 new installations and fostered eight seminar attendees.

The J.M. Wells Jr. award gives honor to the Wells family who purchased the young Homer Laughlin China Company (with financial partner Louis I. Aaron) from business partner, Homer Laughlin, in 1897. J.M. Wells Jr. was the third generation of the family to manage the company as Executive Vice President from 1960-1986. J.M., known as “Joe Jr.”, was an astute businessman and gifted leader. Following his retirement, he served as Chairman of Board until he passed away in 2006. 

Contributing to this year’s strong sales was Miguelez’s participation in the development of custom dinnerware for Washington D.C.’s Founding Farmers restaurant group. And it was for this custom dinnerware design that Miguelez also earned Homer Laughlin’s Parry Design Award. 

This award is voted on by the HLC design department and presented each year to the project that the design department feels is the most unique or noteworthy. The Founding Famers project was very challenging for everyone involved because of the many changes throughout the process. When it was completed, the end result was exceptional. 

Jonathan Parry, for whom the award is named, was the former Homer Laughlin Director of Design before his untimely death following a battle with cancer. 

 “We see ourselves as storytellers and I’d like to believe that some amount of the story does get seen, and noticed, and felt by the guests,” said Dan Simons, Owner of Founding Farmers. “There’s a lot of collaboration back and forth — what works, what colors really translate. That’s where the Homer art department is awesome and our representation here in Washington was unrivaled.”

“These awards are meaningful and symbolize our values as a company,” said Liz McIlvain, president of HLC. “Notably, Mike is new with our family of products, representing us for less than 5 years. But in that time, he’s shown tremendous product knowledge and a work ethic that should be celebrated. We were pleased to honor him both awards.”

And that unbreakable commitment of this family company is as durable as, well, the most durable ceramic dinnerware on the planet.

September 2017


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