Farmers & Distillers

“Our restaurant is a celebration of the ideals this country was built upon. It’s why we worked with Homer Laughlin, an American company, to come up with something truly unique for what we view as the dominant touchpoint of our restaurant—the plate.”

–Dan Simons, co-owner of Farmers & Distillers

Located just minutes from the White House in Washington, D.C., Farmers & Distillers is a restaurant inspired by the many roles George Washington played in his lifetime—president, general, gentleman farmer, distiller, and entrepreneur. Working closely with the North Dakota Farmers Union, the establishment seeks nothing less than to transform the American dining experience by “unbundling the industrial food chain” and taking diners back to the country’s roots: family farms and natural products. 

This means working hard to make items from scratch whenever possible and paying close attention to where suppliers source their ingredients. So, it makes sense that the owners would also want handcrafted, American-made dinnerware on their tables. 

They chose Homer Laughlin’s popular Carolyn line, but with a custom twist. Scalloped edges are highlighted by George Washington’s portrait and whimsical scenes from Mount Vernon, all done in antique blue. 

The pattern was inspired by the time Dan and his team spent at George Washington’s home researching the restaurant. Working alongside Homer Laughlin custom designers, their vision became reality. 

Upping the whimsy even more, signature Asian-inspired dumplings and spring rolls are plated on a rectangular appetizer platter with a custom design in red that blends scenes from Washington’s life with the monkey from the Chinese zodiac.

November 2017


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