Hall China Bright White Trays

When you really want the table to feel like they’re getting the jewel of the menu, Hall China has a classy new take on white. The popular Bright White glaze now graces seven new ceramic trays in a distinctive minimalistic design. A barely-there pedestal holds an edgeless stage for plating that pops. Diners and chefs alike will appreciate this simple and elegant backdrop to enhance a beautiful meal.

White is purity. It is regal. It announces that this dish is something special, and that you trust the quality of what you’re presenting so much, a blank canvas is all it needs.

The ethereal, “floating” characteristic of these new trays adds to the affect. It’s like you’re presenting your guests with a rare culinary treasure reserved for the most exclusive clientele. And isn’t that how every guest wants to feel?

When your plating demands that cut above, think Bright White Trays from Hall China. Available in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit, no matter the need. 

October 2018


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