HLC’s New Director of Design Assumes Role After Four Decades With Hall China

There’s been a rare changing of the guard at one of HLC’s most coveted positions as the company introduces a new director of design. A familiar face steps into the role: Mick Bowdler, who has been a design stalwart at Hall China for nearly 40 years.

Bowdler was born and raised a stone’s throw from Stoke-on-Trent, England, which is internationally renowned for its ceramics industry. After earning a master’s degree in industrial ceramics at nearby North Staffordshire Polytechnic, he received a job offer from Hall China, moved to East Liverpool, Ohio, and has been a constant within the design department ever since.

Bowdler’s work is marked by a bold curiosity about shapes and textures and an artist’s eye for color. “Through his four decades with Hall, Mick has shown himself to be a tireless creative voyager who is always expanding the design boundaries of our industry,” said Liz McIlvain, HLC’s president. “I know our design department is in good hands with his vision for the future, passion for the work, and heart for people.”

As director of design, Bowdler will oversee the creative aspects of both Homer Laughlin and Hall China, guiding other designers on the team and drawing on his decades of accomplishment to keep HLC ware at the forefront of beauty, creativity, and functionality.

Bowdler stresses the collaborative nature of his job. “I take my cues from the sales staff, customers, and the other members of our design team. That spirit of working together is what keeps it fresh,” he said. “New technology has expanded so many horizons. We are able to do more things, and faster than ever before. The most exciting time to be a designer is right now.”

March 2019


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