Inviting Authenticity: Brownfield™ Adds Accessories

Featuring curvy, coupe shapes with a speckled glaze and handcrafted feel, Brownfield represents the energy of the urban maker. Introduced last year, Brownfield has become a top choice for establishments looking to bring an authentic feel to every dish. HLC responded by adding accessories to the collection. Additions include a variety of bowls, platters and ramekins to complement the existing line of plates, mugs and saucers, pasta and salad plates and soup bowls.

Brownfield is offered in two different glazes: white speckles on a warm, brown “cobblestone” background, or peppering a gray/metallic base. Each piece is slightly different from the others—as unique as your menu. Rustic, strong and distinctive, Brownfield is an inspiring base for your culinary creations and creative plating. This line offers excellent heat retention and sturdy stackability on an ivory body base. Multiple glazes mean better resistance to chipping, cracking and crazing.

Whether you’re a farm-to-table bistro or a bustling neighborhood café, add the accent and flair to the table that sets you apart and leaves a lasting impression. Brownfield: Invite authenticity to the table.

March 2017


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