Paint-A-Plate Celebrates 10 Years

An event that started local and has grown in size and reach every year is our Kids’ Paint-A-Plate event. Every fall, hundreds of kids (and their parents) descend on a location overlooking our plant to decorate their very own Homer Laughlin plate. They design it however they like, then we fire it in our kilns and return it to them.

We held our 10th annual event earlier in November—and hosted a record shattering 600 kids! Families drove from hundreds of miles away to take part.  

It’s become a highly anticipated celebration each year. “A factory outlet manager started it almost on a whim, as a fun thing for parents and kids to do,” said Shannon Giambroni, national retail account manager and event chairman. “For the first couple of years, we held it in a tent on the grounds at HQ—but we quickly outgrew it! It’s really expanded beyond the immediate area.”

Participating kids were given free reign over their designs, with imagination being their only limit. Maybe the best part? It’s art you can use. Once fired, each piece will be a bona fide piece of Homer Laughlin, meaning it will be safe to use as a dinner plate.

“It’s a fun event and people really love it,” said Katie Bricker, marketing manager for Homer Laughlin. “It’s always been a way for the community to come together, and now it’s grown even more as Homer fans make it a destination event. We’re very pleased at the turnout for this year’s 10th anniversary.” 

Paint-A-Plate was held at the Wells Building in Newell, W. Va. The free event is a fun way to celebrate the pottery heritage of the region while making a memento that can be enjoyed at every meal.

November 2018


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