Social Media Spotlight: Duck Duck Goat

Chef Stephanie Izard has been making a big name for herself since the opening of her incredibly popular restaurant, Girl & the Goat, in 2010. She won a James Beard award in 2013 for her bold and flavorful cuisine, churning out bold, global cuisine in a lively atmosphere. Girl & the Goat is now one of the hardest reservations to get in Chicago. Her diner across the street, Little Goat Diner, is similarly popular, but a bit more downscale. In 2015, she opened her third restaurant, Duck Duck Goat, giving her a chance to focus exclusively on Chinese cuisine in a lively and extremely colorful setting with bright colors and fabrics adorning the inside. 

Izard turned to Homer Laughlin when it came time to select dinnerware for Duck Duck Goat. She knew the tabletop had to be as unique as her cuisine—and the space in which it would be served.

Homer Laughlin’s Custom experts can create whatever you can dream. Chef Izard wanted colors that pop without overwhelming the cuisine, with a distinctive Asian flare and a one-of-a-kind stamp. This is where the Custom group really excels. Anyone can add a logo or create plates in a particular color, but Homer Laughlin worked with Izard to create custom patterns and colors based on what Izard envisioned.

That’s what the Custom department does—they can make dreams a reality.

The union of food, dinnerware and atmosphere has thus far proved to be a home run for Izard, with another runaway success on her hand in Duck Duck Goat.


March 2017


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